Chelsea Coventry is a junior who, prior to college, attended 13 years of Catholic school education. She is double majoring in Music and Philosophy. She plays the cello in the Knox String Ensemble and Cello Choir. In addition, she is the President of Newman Club and the Vice President of Ritual for Sigma Alpha Iota.


Kyle Cruz is a second-year planning to major in Integrated International Studies and is still undecided whether he will minor in Journalism, Religious Studies, History or French. He is a regular contributor to The Knox Student’s World Politics Corner and has been influenced much by the writings of C.S. Lewis. Kyle comes from the Philippines but has spent the majority of his life growing up in Cambodia and Laos. He plants to spend the 2011-2012 school year pursuing Peace & Conflict Studies at Haifa University International School in Haifa, Israel.


Benjamin Greuter is a junior at Knox College and currently calls the coasts of South Florida home. He’s a Philosophy/Creative Writing double major, and is president of the Knox College Philosphy Club and a Small Group leader and Men’s Group Head Correspondent for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Knox. Currently employed at the Knox County YMCA, he still finds (makes) time for both his thesis on the definition and use of “Creativity” in philosophy, as well as his poetry manuscripts. Having been raised in rural Indiana and now living with his sister, brother-in-law, and lovely nieces on the
east coast, he has more sources of inspiration for his writings than he could have asked.


Tanvi Madhusudanan is a sophomore who is a double major in Psychology and International Relations. She is a follower of the Hindu faith and is on her quest for nirvana. She grew up in California and went to high school in India. In the future, Tanvi sees herself working in a foreign think tank.


Yumna Rathore is a junior at Knox College currently living in Virginia, USA. Apart from the United States, she has lived in Indonesia, Syria, England and France. She is a double major in International Relations and Economics. She is the Vice-President of Theology Journal and Islamic Club, junior representative for I-Club and Public Relations officer of Aaina-the South Asian Club. She is an activist for women’s rights in Pakistan and wishes to enter the education sector, providing educational facilities and job opportunities to young women in villages of Pakistan.


Other contributors

Hali Engelman is a junior at Knox College from Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a Music and Computer Science major, president of the International Club, and an employee of the Knox College radio station. She has a passion for theological debate of all sorts and is excited to be involved in this journal.


Supriya Kasaju hails from the land of Mt. Everest. She is a junior at Knox College. She is a Hindu- Buddhist who has lived in Thailand, Pakistan, and Nepal. She is the photographer, designer, and public relations officer for the Theology Journal. In the future, Supriya hopes to work in an international nongovernmental organization (INGO).


Andrei Papancea is freshman at Knox College. He plans to double major in Computer Science and Economics. He is interested in web development and is currently working on several projects, including the Theology Journal website. He hopes to enter the business world after his undergraduate studies.


Kevin Wirasamban is a sophomore at an unknown college (which ever could it be?) who is currently waltzing a double concerto IIS-Spanish scale major operetta. He has lived in Thailand, Hungary, America, Qatar, and Oman before moving back to America. This man is a Virgo and works as a writing tutor for the CTL center.

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