Welcome to the Knox Theology Journal

Fusion: Knox College Theology Journal has just been released! Click the image below to see our first issue:

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  1. Fr. Bruce King, I.C. -- Knox Newman Chaplain says:

    I really enjoyed the articles. thank you all for a great project — hopefully it will continue in this vein for years to come!

    Fr. King, I.C.

    P.S. — I noted a spelling error in the article on Mary. The word ‘intercession’ should have been ‘Overshadowing’ to indicate the manner in which the holy Spirit brought about the Incarnation of Jesus in the womb of Mary.

    It’s important because it’s the same verb used to describe; the coming of the presence of God on the Ark in the Tent of Meeting during the desert wanderings; the coming of the presence of God on Solomon’s completed Temple; and the leaving of the presence of God from the Temple prior to its destruction by the Babylonians

    Use of ‘overshadowing’ by St. Luke in his gospel is deliberate in order to show that Mary is the ark of the New Covenant established in her Son, Jesus’ Death & Resurrection.

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